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Serving You

Site Design

In this 21st century, it's time to now have a powerful, effective, and professional web-site. HelloMark.net employs dynamic next-generation web-site technologies, coding, and design.

No longer do you have to be limited and restricted to "old-fashioned", static ".html" files. With professional web-site design from HelloMark.net, all the webpages of your site can be updated with a simple update to a single file! With HelloMark.net, you can now, as Mark often says,

Cut out the "static",
and go "dynamic"!

HelloMark.net provides web-design with the next-generation web-coding technologies, such as, PHP, ASP, MySQL, Perl, CSS, Javascript, and more!

As well, there are many important design/display issues involved in web-design, which determine how a surfer will perceive the web-site. These include issues pertaining to navigation and aesthetics, "user-friendly" functionality and eye-beneficial display. Adhering to such important web-design principles (in order to address such issues) is what makes web-sites which are designed by HelloMark.net able to present a professional image and presentation of the site's information. "Internet savvy surfers" can tell the difference between a poorly designed site and a professionally designed one. And sites which have been designed by HelloMark.net do indeed ensure such a powerfully positive image and presentation of the site's information.

If you're ready to have a professionally-designed, next-generation web-site, one which will positively present your information in a professional image and presentation, then contact HelloMark.net today to set an appointment!

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