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Insights for Sites

Is your Domain 'NAME in their BRAIN'?

How easy does your enterprise make it for your potential customers to find you? How easily are their buying-questions answered?

When assessing your enterprise's marketing strategy, the following key customer-recall factors must be considered:

* Addresses and telephone numbers can be forgotten or not even remembered.

* Business cards can be misplaced or forgotten.

* Looking up something in the telephone book can be a more time-consuming effort than a potential customer might be willing to make at a critical "might-buy" moment.

Yes, print, radio, signage, television, business cards, and other advertising sources, may all have valuable, integral importance to your enterprise's marketing strategy.

But even advertising sources which actually do reach your potential customers, if the customer cannot easily remember how to find you or easily get their buying- questions answered, then even excellent advertising will have yielded less than what "could have been".

That means lost sales ---even from excellent advertising!

A successful way is required in order to yield more effective results from your advertising.

You CAN succeed in helping even those potential customers from not becoming "lost sales"!

How? Very easily! You can succeed in helping those potential customers to always remember how to find you and get their buying-questions answered, all with only one very simple word/name repeated in all of your advertising.

Put your web-site's domain name in their brain. Repeat it in all your advertising, over and over. Put your web-site's name in their brain, and they will always know how to find you ---increasing your sales!

A web-site with HelloMark.net helps you do that, and more!

If your enterprise needs to put your domain "name in their brain", then contact HelloMark.net to set an appointment today!

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