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Insights for Sites

Cut out the "Static"

When was the last time you used a mechanical typewriter to create a printed document? If you're like most people, instead of using a mechnical typewriter, you've been using a computer now, for years.

Why is that? It is because a mechanical typewriter is now inefficient and "out-dated". It does not allow you the efficiency to quickly edit your document without having to then re-type all or most of it all over again.

That kind of a situation is an example of what is known as a "static" file on the internet.

And it demonstrates the problem with "static" documents: inefficiency.

Editing a web-site made with "static" files is truly inefficient. In order to effectively edit any one thing in a web-site, a person will have to also edit all the other web-pages on the web-site.

In the "early days" of the internet, web-pages were written in pure HTML, "Hyper Text Markup Language". The HTML-created files on a web-site would be stored on a web-hosting server as ".html" files (or ".htm", for short).

But ".html" files are only "static" files. Indeed, ".html" files may be perceived as simply being single-copy "static" documents which are stored on a web-site's web-hosting internet server, much like being a type-written document ("sitting" in a folder in a drawer in a file cabinet) available for use when some person arrives to "take a look at" them. (That is, this would be when a surfer browses to see that particular ".html" file.)

But those days of being required to use "static" files are gone ---in the same way as no longer needing to use a mechanical typewriter anymore!

With the next-generation of web-hosting and web-design, HelloMark.net can now help you move into the 21st Century and "cut out the static".

If you presently have a web-site which is based only on ".html" or ".htm" files, then it's time to "cut out the static", increase efficiency, and Go "Dynamic". And if you do not even have your own web-site yet but need one, then you can avoid the "static" to begin with!   Either way, HelloMark.net can help you!

If your enterprise needs to "cut out the static", then contact HelloMark.net to set an appointment today.

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