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Default Site Setup

Error Pages

The "Default Site Setup" package includes
Customizable ERROR PAGES.

At other web-sites, when someone surfs to a web-page which does not "exist", the surfer's browser usually displays what is known as a "404 ERROR" message.

But NOT with a powerful web-site from HelloMark.net!

Indeed, custom "error pages" instead can help surfers ar your web-site quickly navigate elsewhere on your site, to whichever specific web-address (URL) you choose to help them surf from there.

This link here provides an example of a simply-made customized ERROR PAGE, using a web-address (URL) that actually does not exist at the web-site of HelloMark.net.

And this is included in the "Default Site Setup" of your powerful web-site from HelloMark.net!

If you or your enterprise need a web-site with this additional type of powerful capability, then contact HelloMark.net to set an appointment today!

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