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At this Site


This section is for items pertinent to being at this site.

First, if you have not yet signed up for the free EMAIL UPDATES, then signing up might very well be one of the first things you might want to do here.

After that, this site also has two very special tools for use here: "Set Preferences" and "Print this Page".

The power of these two particular tools in this directory truly must not be passed over lightly ---especially considering the power of using both in combination.

By having the ability to "Set Preferences", a surfer to your site may set the text-display according to their own liking. After the Preferences are set, then when the surfer uses the "Print This Page" tool, the resulting page to print is ready to print, using the text-display of the surfer's chosen Preferences!

Now THAT is something surfers to your site will appreciate!

Feel free to try these two tools yourself!

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