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° Your Marketing
° Your Web Hosting
° Your Site Design
° Your Domain Reg.
° Your Own Email

 Insights for Sites

° More than Advertising
° Answer Customer Q's
° Powerizing Advertising
° 'Name in their Brain'?
° Cut out the 'Static'
° Go 'Dynamic'

 Default Site Setup

° How Site is Created
° Default Site Template

 Site Addons

° Blogs (WordPress, etc +)
° CMS (Drupal, etc +)
° Customer Help tickets
° Discussion boards
° E-Commerce & Paypal
° FAQ system
° Emailing lists
° Polls & Surveys
° Own Social Networks
° Own Classified Ads
° Database tools
° Members-only area
° and Dozens more!


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P.O. Box 765
Old Orchard Beach
Maine, US,  04064


>  HelloMark.net


When you say, "Hello Mark", you may
Expect more from your web-site!

HelloMark.net has been serving small businesses since 2001, with years of web-development experience going back to 1997.

We provide your small business with the powerful next-generation of web-hosting and web-site design, and help you achieve powerful marketing for your enterprise!

Now you can have a professional quality web-site as comparable with any of the known "major internet web-sites". Why settle for anything less ever again?

With HelloMark.net Serving You, your marketing and customer satisfaction may explode in both value and effectiveness!

With important Insights for Sites, powerful items that are At this Site, and fully-functional add-on Site Tools, the HelloMark.net web-site itself is here to help you more powerfully and effectively market your enterpise and serve your customers.

Now, in the 2010s, many of your customers will find your web-site using their cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and more. In order for your site look good on those different platfroms, it will now require "responsive design" so that your site will be what is known as ""mobile ready". HelloMark.net now provides beautiful "mobile ready" web development. Check out HelloMark.COM to see how this next generation of design appears in so many different platform sizes. So, when you're ready to be "mobile ready," HelloMark.net is here for you!

And to help you get started, this web-site here also provides a comprehensive article, "How Site is Created", along with the "Default Site Template" (as a fully-navigable web-site example), to help further explain the process of having a powerful web-site developed for you by HelloMark.net.

Enjoy this site.    And just think...

...all this could be available for YOUR site with HelloMark.net Serving You.

It's your Site,    It's your Marketing... SM

It's your Site, It's your Marketing...SM

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